Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here's background art from TO BEEP OR NOT TO BEEP , a Warner Brothers classic from 1963!


MrsM said...

Your blog is beautiful!
Could you please try and do one post for the cuban animation film "Chico and Rita"? It has some beautiful buildings in the background.

Luz said...

Que lindo aun hoy disfruto mucho de esos dibujos de niña jamás me los perdia

David de Rooij said...

These backgrounds are genuine pieces of art! It would be great if there was an exhibition in a museum with these paintings printed extra big!

S.N. Couming said...

Thanks for this inspiration!

Unknown said...

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Yizard (Dani Sepúlveda Mata) said...

wow, amazing work of animation concept ^_^

stickman550 said...

these where my favorite cartoons, I really miss watching these when I was little. Just stepping back and looking at the backgrounds makes me appreciate them that much more.

SHEHZAD said...

That is the original meaning of animation ... amazing work... hats off to you ... keep this thing going ... !!!!!!!!! seriously hats off to your work

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Clara said...

Nunca me gusto el coyote :s

Anita said...

Your restorations are wonderful and your love of animation has shone through your blog and inspired us all. This is such a great resource to help keep the beauty of traditional animation alive:)


dew_girl said...

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Picachu said...

I'm quite familiar with all these animation backgrounds...I think I saw some of these in a woodpecker show,hope I'm right.

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Anonymous said...

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jm loayza said...

què espectacular!!! la simplificaciòn de las lìneas y los colores...asombroso!

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aisha said...

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Fran Deltell said...

Amazing Works!! I can't stop looking at your blog :D

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Mushk Rizvi said...

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jackmartin said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Sandra Thieme said...

Wow, these backgrounds are awesome! I like the selection and combination of the colors a lot. Thanks for posting them!

Unknown said...

I remembered the kids really love to watch this cartoon "road runner" but i noticed that this cartoon are no longer showed and it is a great picture you've got here. Greg Mclardie

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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David de Rooij said...

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sammy said...

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