Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grumpy's Kiss and Departure

Today, another couple of recreated pan B/Gs from SNOW WHITE.

First, we have "Grumpy's Kiss and Departure." Interesting problem... the first frame in the sequence, starting on the right has Grumpy with his shadow. I couldn't eliminate it completely.

So here you'll see two versions: one with Grumpy and the entire first frame intact. Here's the first frame:

This version of the digitally re-created pan B/G contains the entire first frame on the right:

This second version of the digitally re-created pan B/G is almost completely cleared, as much as digitally possible... revealing quite a bit more of the B/G. Sorry, nothing I could do about that bit of shadow and a fragment of Grumpy's shoe!

As usual I've split the Pan B/G in halves so you can have a good look at detail Here's the left side:

And the right side:

And finally, another completely separate woodsy pan B/G. Grumpy gets his nose stuck in the hole in the tree. A funny bit!

Friday, September 25, 2009


In honor of the 70th anniversary of SNOW WHITE and the forthcoming Disney DVD re-release, I've created some newly digitized restorations of some obscure B/G art pieces from Walt's first feature.

The first is a recreated pan B/G (with cel overlays of waterfall, vultures and their shadows.)

If you'd liek to see more, check out the archives by clicking the SNOW WHITE label link (below).

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hi gang!

After a hiatus, I'm back. Ready to spend countless hours digitally recreating Cartoon background art!!!

I recently had the great fun of seeing theatrical screenings of Ted Thomas' new film WALT AND EL GRUPO and SALUDOS AMIGOS (a brand new 35mm print!), in the same week. Only in L.A.!!!

I think Ted is a wonderful filmmaker. I can't praise WALT AND EL GRUPO enough. It is an insightful look at a very interesting time for Walt and his studio. Fans of animation, Disney and especially Mary Blair should make a point of seeing this film.

This b/g art is from the first segment, LAKE TITICACA.

It definitely inspired me to get back in the groove here. Check in once a week - more new artwork is forthcoming.

Welcome back - to me and you! Enjoy...