Wednesday, May 14, 2008


OK, gang, have a look at today's cartoon (thanks, again, YouTube):

Now, the background art by Robert Gentle. Note the stylistic influence of the fifties: simpler, leaner, overall far less elaborate B/G art. This opening shot of Sherwood Forest is a notable exception:

Which then pans right... here's the digitally assembled pan shot (couldn't eliminate the "Sh," sorry)

A great castle shot:

Most unusual, this huge vertical pan:

For reference, here's the bottom framing of the pan shot:

And various interior castle shots:

This is an interior too... of Tom's dental cavern!

The next few are in and around the castle (including the moat!):

The final background today is another rendering of Sherwood Forest:

And for today, boys and girls, this is:


Andy Norton said...

I do like the pan of the castle wall with the knights at the bottom. Very simple and dynamic at the same time.

Thanks for sharing the backgrounds from Robin Hoodwinked, one of the Tom and Jerry cartoons I used to remember vividly watching as a child. The gags were good... but whose idea was it to give one of the main characters a Cockney accent?

Anonymous said...

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