Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Alice In Wonderland (Disney, 1951)

Alice decides to scamper through a hollow log…

(Alive vaporized!)

The boys mull it over

(reconstructed pan BG, with the daffy duo overlaid)

(and the reconstructed pan BG without them)

Then, starting here...

they end up here -

and in the process, they prance and bounce, right to left, on this terrific pan BG.
As you've never seen it - digitally re-assembled in its entirety!
Click on the images to see them full size.)

A very merry un-birthday, everyone!


Marillia Gomes said...

Amazing! Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney movie, I always love when you take the time to share these incredible backgrounds!
Many thanks :)

Carolyn Widmer said...

I am mainly surprised by the way you unique out almost every single little detail. It can be genuinely heading to aid me a great offer. Thanks for sharing

Cretu Ciprian said...

Schön, wieder in deinem Blog zu sein, es war Monate für mich. Nun dieser Artikel, dass ich schon so lange gewartet habe. Ich brauche diesen Artikel, um meine Aufgabe in der Schule abzuschließen, und es hat das gleiche Thema mit Ihrem Artikel. Danke, großer Anteil!
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