Thursday, June 30, 2016

Are you out there?

Hi gang!

I'm considering a commitment to frequent posting again.

If you're interested - please comment. I love your feedback and much as I love hand drawn cartoons -

so let me know if you're ready to follow a new stream of posts!!!


Adam Koford said...

Present and accounted for. Thanks for the updates!

Oscar Baechler said...


If low comments gets you down, consider a Facebook group, even if it's just something where you set up on IFTTT to aggregate your posts to that. I noticed today that with Artcore, Artstation, 10000 Hours, Blender, etc. a number of forums are dying, in that those convos are just on Facebook now. Even if it's the identical thing.

Rafael Silva said...

Present! I'm always eager to see what amazing background you bring us

Rafael Silva said...
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Lluis Fuzzhound said...

Yes please! Love them! :)


thanks everyone! I've considered moving to Facebook...

Matt Hunter Ross said...

Still reading... and will be in the future – Facebook or elsewhere.

Custom Coaster said...

I'll start flooding the comments.
Love talking about cartoons and everything there is about animation.
Facebook will get more hits, but the image quality will be shot.
The compression for an image is horrible, not sure why.
If anything, grab a Facebook Page and link it back to here.
Since it's easier to look at the stats and everything on this site.
Also the page layout is a lot better.

rodrigoeller said...

Please! Start to post again! Facebook is a great idea, but not as good as a good blog!

mj said...

I'm part of the silent majority still here and reading. If you do something with Facebook, consider keeping the content here but link to it from Facebook.

Ricardo said...

Yeah! Looking forward the new posts!

Joe Shelby said...

New posts here do a lot to make a day more positive. Keep going!


Your posts are my go-to place for background reference and composition studies. You provide better quality and context than anyone else in the biz. Thank you.

Gilmomedia said...

I use this site for ideas on how to make my backgrounds look better!

Adam Koford said...

Something to consider before moving to Facebook: with their algorithms, there's no guarantee your audience will see every post. I posted comics and illustrations there for a year. When I stopped, no one seemed to notice. I asked around, and people had not been seeing them in the first place. Here's a perfect illustration of the phenomenon, by cartoonist Dave Kellett:
If you do post there, please don't stop posting here too.
Either way, keep up the great work!

kostia said...

Yes! I have missed these!

Nonni said...

Absolutely! Was delighted to see you posting once again.

Tom Ruegger said...

Yes please!!

Rory Something said...


verna said...

Still out here

Anne Ballaran said...

Yes please!

starnes said...

Rob, I really enjoy your posts. As someone who has done animation layout/BG design as a livelihood, I find your posts an invaluable source of both reference and inspiration. I hope your blog will help to preserve the memory of this craft for future generations.
One concern I have about posting on FB is that it is so cluttered, it may be harder to track down a specific background. For example, let's say I am researching Jungle Book; I can easily come here and do a search of all posts related to that film. Maybe FB allows me to do a similar search, but it just seems so cluttered with miscellaneous stuff.

Dan said...

What they said!

nrrrd said...

yes please

West said...

I can't wait!

Will Robertson said...

Looking forward to more! Thank you!

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Yes yes yes!

the Grumbleputty said...

Heck yeah!

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Eygló Hildur Hafliðadóttir said...
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maggi said...

Disney could easily sell copies of their backgrounds, I know I'd love to have one(or ten) of these framed on my wall. They would be a good childhood reminder to keep and they are also just perfect paintings to make a home a little more cozy! (it would also be fun to see if people would recognise them)

Fernanda Moreno said...

it is a great blog. i hope you do continue.

Benjamin Hall said...

I've always enjoyed this blog.

Ana Vasquez said...

Yes! Definitely.

Nathaniel Diaz-Rua said...

This is one of the best blogs on animation background/layout that I have ever seen. Please do keep it up. The blog has always insired me and is a great resource- like a library for reference.

We are here!

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

Caleb Brown said...

Please return to regular posting! The emptiness/fullness of the backgrounds is so open and motivating! – Caleb

Linz said...


Thomas said...


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samacleod said...

I love this blog. It's a great resource and it inspires me to see the level of craftsmanship in these background paintings. I hope you continue posting. Thanks for all that you've shared thus far. I realize it must be a lot of work to do.

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S YOUNG said...

Great source for amazing reference. I always come back to study and learn from the amazing animation talent that came before.

If you are considering facebook I would do it in conjunction which posting here. Its so wonderful to have everything in one location. I think it should be continued on this blog with facebookas a reminder of the great bgs on here. Example- every day posting backgrounds that are already on this blog. Its always a nice reminder to see bgs that you haven't seen in a while. Plus theres so much on this blog sometimes bgs are missed or overlooked. thats theres many other things that facebook can branch off with like tips and tricks discussions about bgs etc.

I am very happy to here the interest in more frequent postings!

Gina Florio Sous said...

I'm reading! Thanks so much for your continual diligent work in recreating these beautiful pieces of art for all to see!

Jessica Anne said...

I love your blog and please stick around! I even have you listed on my site as one of my favorite blogger.


Scott C. Gwynn said...

We are here! We are here!

Tember said...

I love this blog. <3

Trish said...

Yes, please!!

Paul Corfield said...

Always pop in every few months to see what's new as it's such a great resource. Really appreciate the effort to keep the blog going.

Krishna Mishra said...

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Leonard Ma said...

I'm glad that you're resuming posting your work. I love the Disney Classics, as well as other films. I would like to learn how to create backgrounds of other films that I love. Can you tell me what software program you use to recreate your masterpieces? Hopefully, your postings will help guide me through the learning process. I appreciate the information that you provide in your postings.

Anne Brew said...

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