Monday, January 25, 2010

BALLOT BOX BUNNY (Warner Bros., 1951)

Watch it (thanks, YouTube):

Now, enjoy the fabulous Warner Bros. style of background art... unashamedly cartoon-eey!


:: smo :: said...

these are really neat! it's interesting too that you say they're cartoony but design wise there's not too much unnatural happening, it's really all in the color. it seems like there's a lot of mostly flat feeling color with very little detail on the buildings and whatnot but were they filled in differently i bet they would take on a much more naturalistic appearance. it's fun to see how much color alone can do!

Roger Haus said...

Very nice blog Rob.
I love the selection of background you've done.

Cheers from Barcelona.

Yowp said...

This may have the best examples of Paul Julian's Old West/Victorian style of architecture.

I've always liked hunting for names of the staff. I never noticed the ones on the statue before. Is 'Nicholson' Sam Nicholson? I'd still like to know who Josiah Freep was.


Eric Z said...

Awesome backgrounds. I love how solid the perspective was in those days. the compositions where very strong and constructed with a lot care. Another good movie for backgrounds with dynamic perspective is american tale and fievel goes west. The sense of scale is fantastic.

Prospero said...

Hi Rob and congratulations,

Amazing research into a fantastic world! I myself am a great admirer of cartoon background artists' work! One of my favourite collections is in the 1957 "Deduce you Say" short. I am still searching for a collection of these works all compiled in a book or a website! Again, great work, don't give up mate! Best regards from Crete, Greece.

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