Friday, November 13, 2009


I had the tremendous pleasure Thursday night of seeing a preview of Disney's new cartoon feature (and I use those words lovingly and respectfully).


It is everything Disney animation afficionados hoped for! The visuals are gorgeous and spectacular, the music is tremendous, and the storytelling is compelling - beautifully interplaying comedic, scary and heart-tugging elements with deft skill.

All the animation is brilliant, but in particular Eric Goldberg has outdone himself with his animation for "Louis," the trumpet-playing alligator!

I also loved "Ray," the cajun firefly.

Those of us who love traditional animation MUST support this effort with great enthusiasm. Plan a party, ask your friends to join you, and buy LOTS of tickets.

I am hoping this will get the box office sales it deserves - and become a blockbuster. It's definitely got the Disney magic... and might just become an instant classic!


Adam Knight said...

Awesome news! I'm so excited to see this movie and for the rebirth of hand drawn animation to come back. I hope it explodes at the box office.

dwilson said...

Rob,thanks for your hope filled review. I'm still a little leery since it's being pitched as such a mega-masterpiece.

But I'll be more than willing to stand up in the theatre and applaud if Disney can woo my hesitant heart beyond it's marketing. My family of 5 will be there opening night.

Cheers to fantastic films!

Yvonne Hennessy said...

I can't wait for its release. It's been too long since 2D got a look in. Hopefully this will be a rebirth of classical animation features.

Patrik Spacek said...

I CANT wait to see it.. I live for Disney! and finally, thanks to John Lasseter, they are coming back to great traditional art.

eda said...





alex young said...


remona said...

this is seemed to like rebirth of hand drawing pic. again my most favorite 2D movie came with Disney, The princess and the frog.

reggie said...

The Princess and the Frog
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