Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Gaston at the Pub

Tonight, two digitally recreated B/Gs from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. There's a lot of taxidermy going on...

This second pan is another case of not being able to remove character art, but at least I could piece together the entire pan, which is still pretty fascinating to see...

Notice, the character entering on the right is also under Gaston's chair! (The pan starts to move in the very first frame, as he walks into the scene, thus no way to eliminate him...)


Adam Gunn said...

Hi Rob,
I'm a art student at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada. I love your animation backgrounds blog, thanks so much for making these paintings available for everyone to see.

My favorites are the Disney and MGM backgrounds from the 40s and early 50s. I find them fascinating because they are created with open spaces for action to happen within. I'd like to use some of the images from your blog for some paintings I'm working on , but I'd like to get your permission first.

My email is
You can check my blog to see some of my work.

VPetra said...

Hi Rob,
I've been a fan of your site for a long time, thank you for your hard work! I have a couple of recreated backgrounds from Aladdin. If you would like to post them just tell me what to do, I'd be really happy to share them.

Dennis Cornetta said...

One of my favorite environments from the movie!

alex young said...


spokeshave said...

I've said before on this great blog that the BG's from Beauty and the Beast are flat and un-interesting. Everything has the same intensity of color, just compare the Beast bg's to the short, Jungle Clown's bg's below.... I rest my case!

Corey Lansdell said...

Hey Rob,
I love your blog, so much inspiration to be had here. Beauty and the beast is one of the most amazing films. My wife and I watched it with our wee ones the other day and were moved to tears afresh. So wonderful.

Thanks for sharing and keep em coming!


Amanda H. said...

I love all the dead animal heads up on the wall. The whole background is very neutral-colored. (the wooden walls and floors, the animal heads, the chair, etc.)

Alexandre said...

Hi Rob,
Could you post a picture that you drew or found whatever the Beast's Castle

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