Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Re-booting ANIMATION BACKGROUNDS today, we have some terrific backgrounds from Disney's PETER PAN. 

The Lost Boys must be nearby! ;)


You never saw today's first B/G like this in the movie. The shot included a pan. 
Here's a first view of the entire, digitally restored piece!

A double escape hatch for the Lost Boys!

This huge vertical pan is quite lovely. Note lower cel overlays - leaves and slab - 
at bottom, and the Mary Blair presence upper left!
Tinkerbell wanted to stay... and you know just how stubborn she can be!

TWO epic pan backgrounds - as the Lost Boys run to shoot Wendy out of the sky! (Naughty Tink!)

Sometimes I can't completely clear the backgrounds digitally.
If characters don't move to reveal a part of the background... 
then they stay! 
Hence the presence of Lost Boys on the left.
Note the gorgeous Mary Blair styling!


sunita akter said...

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Tanglebrook said...


Sylvain Pypebros said...

nice ones. I'll keep them as reference to improve my own platformer backgrounds :)

samacleod said...

Some of my favorite backgrounds of all the Disney movies. I also love Lady and the Tramp and Dalmatians. I really like those big leafy plants in the final image you posted.