Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mystery Art from Warner Bros.

Can anyone identify this B/G from a Warner Bros. cartoon? Daffy Duck walks in to this film vault to grab a reel in an anonymous clip.

C'mon readers... I'll bet someone recognizes this!


Tom Floyd said...

I don't know the title of the 'toon', I would have to look it up....but isn't it the one where Daffy is re-cutting Bugs' reel, behind his back.
Just a guess this morning.

Noel said...

The Scarlett Pumpernickel?

Alberto said...

"Daffy Duck in Hollywood" 1938

Alberto said...

here's a link (not on youtube) starts at around 4:30

Andy R Macpherson said...

Ah, I was beaten by just a few minutes... Yes, it's from "Daffy Duck In Hollywood".
That background appears at 4:25 (as played on Disc 2 of the "Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3" boxset).

kanishk said...

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Jeff Turner TION said...

its sad to think they actually burned a lot of those original reels to make room for new stuff. This still is a sort of memorial to them.

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