Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you for your comments!

The new "ROGER RABBIT" post (just below) has received a great many comments already, this morning. I just wanted to say thank you!

I appreciate your enthusiasm and feedback, and especially added insights and trivia.

I've had a feeling for some time about expanding the "frame of reference" of ANIMATION BACKGROUNDS. Originally conceived as a showcase specifically for digitally reconstructed background art, your response to ROGER RABBIT suggests I should consider not just background art, but a broader definition of background - information and observations - on animated films.

The main focus will remain on digitally re-assembled background art. But I think it will be fun to occasionally step beyond that as we explore together "the art behind the art."

Thanks again for your comments, loyalty and support.




Alexandre said...

Hi, could post some images of the background of the village from the musical 'Beauty and the Beast'? even if it is incomplete, as I long this background

David Cano said...

Thanks to you for your effort! :)

robward said...

Hey Rob, you know you're the best, I always marvel at your caps and the pure art/craftsmanship of your subject - "Little Hiawatha" in particular, many thanks.
p.s. Are Blu-ray caps on the horizon?

RPB said...

I had a picture from a disney production some months ago... I am an artist ... I paint prictures using a variety of inspiration.

This picture would be perfect for a project i have in mind. It was of a woods of pine trees in winter but instead of greens the tones were purples and blues and very peaceful.

I want to build something similar like it as a background of a bambi painting I am doing as a thank you gift for a friend. It would be perfect as a back drop for the scene where Bambi & thumper are on the ice.

In fact I have thought that Bambi was where I saw it... But ... after about 8 hours of googling everything BAMBI related I can't find the image.

Any thoughts?


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