Friday, February 19, 2010

ATLANTIS (Disney, 2001)


Juan Pedro Quilon said...

I love the art of this film! I think Mignola made his best designs and the color was simply perfect, specially in the backgrounds of Atlantis.

Sjan W said...

Amazing art... I LOVED the art in this movie, very high quality :)

Vicho Friedli said...

The first one reminded me very much of the old Lucasfilm adventure games (like Zak McCrakken (can't spell it), Loom, and others).

Great job! I love your site. Thanks.

Niya said...

Awesome art. Thanks for sharing!!!

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rose said...

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alien said...

I see a couple of mine there, thanks.

Owen Williams said...

amazing, massive thanks for sharing!

Ângelo Carvalho said...

I'm brasileiro. obrigado for posting these classic designs. this is my blog ( and today is the International Day of the designer. happy days of the designer for you!


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