Saturday, March 15, 2008


Color me sentimental and old-fashioned... but this segment moves me very deeply. The classic Joyce Kilmer poem TREES received a beautiful musical setting by composer Oscar Rasbach. From that, Disney's version received an orchestration which was incredibly lush, with a storm segment added in the middle. The final touch was beautiful vocals by "Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians." Probably most blog readers are too young to even recognize that name. But as a very small child in the 60s, my parents took me to a Fred Waring concert. Mr. Waring was a great vocal conductor, and "the Pennsylvanians" were his singers, his choir.

Rarely will you hear a choir sing with such intensity, nuance and feeling. Nearly every word receives special phrasing.

These images are from the background art in TREES by Mssr's Disney and Waring.

In a world where much of what passes for "music" is angry, lacking in melody, and colorless, TREES is refreshing in its unbridled nostalgia.

Once upon a time, listeners actually embraced beautiful words and melodies, thrilled to lush harmonies, and music and art strived to move the heart.

It was a simpler time. And that, I think, was a very good thing.


BEN said...

oh god!I love this blog!!thanks,thanks so much for sharing this beauty!
I suggest you another great blog, I found it in alan cook's blog. Maybe you know yet this..
thanks again!

d3cap said...

Just recently I stumbled upon this blog, oo000oooo wow!!! what a treat! I think my head spun around a few times before I could focus on the posts!!!! Rob seriously thank you so much for going through the effort to share these wonderful masterpieces.. You have been linked to my blog for the world to enjoy! I appreciate these so much.. - Jason S.


You are both very welcome!

Notes like yours mean a great deal to me. It takes considerable time to digitally recreate this artwork. But unlocking these treasures allows us a whole new way to look at Disney artistry.

Animation art is a joy - and joy is best when shared!

Richard Harrison said...

Rob, this is an especially nice trio of backgrounds, the third of which is my favorite. I'm quite fond of this section of Melody Time so thanks for making it available.

Dusty Banks said...

Rob, Thank you so much for your restoration work. I and many others have fallen completely for you labor of love.On a personal note I have been searching for this segment and had no clue it was in "Melody Time". Now I have to go to Amazon. I'm curious, was melody time a supplement for Walt’s Fantasia concept?

Deanna said...

My parents were also Fred Waring fans. I was fortunate enough to see them perform two or three times. Christmas isn't Christmas in my family without Fred Waring!

Love the blog BTW! Keep up the beautiful work!

Joel Martinez said...

it's always a pleasure to stop by this blog and enjoy the beautiful BGs you make available. thanks so much for this post, it's easily one of my favorites. your efforts are very much appreciated.

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